Pest Control Doesn’t Have to be an Expensive, Risky Endeavor

Green Guard Pest Repellers Provide a Much Safer and More Economical Solution.

Bothersome, unwanted pests such as mice, crickets, ants, and mosquitos can be a big nuisance when they decide to invade your home. Few things are as unsettling in your home than seeing a mouse dart across your basement floor, or seeing a line of ants going across your kitchen counter.

Indeed, pests of all kinds are always trying to get in your home, and once they are inside, they don’t want to leave. Once they do get into your home, it can be a monumental task trying to get rid of them.

Pest control services offer plenty of options, but all of them are expensive, and rely on the heavy use of harmful chemicals and pesticides that could come in contact with you, your kids, and your pets, even if precautions are taken.

Store-bought solutions such as glue traps, sprays, and poison can sometimes be inhumane for certain pests, and ineffective for others. You may end up spending hundreds of dollars and countless hours of your own time trying to outsmart these pests, with little to nothing to show for it.

Fortunately, technology is on your side, and safer, more effective forms of pest control are now available.

Effective Pest Control Without Harmful Chemicals

Green Guard offers a humane, safe, poison-free alternative to traditional pest control methods. Our devices effectively repel mosquitos, mice, crickets, termites, plenty of other pest varieties by filling your home with what’s known as high-density ultrasonic frequency waves.

These waves are too high in frequency for humans to hear, but are highly disruptive and intolerable for small pests. The waves completely disorient and repulse small pests

This prevents the infestations from taking hold in your home, as pests move far away from the home to get away from them. Any pests outside of the home who might otherwise invade will instead stay outside.

Hassle-Free, Easy Operation

Using Green Guard couldn’t possibly be any easier. Simply plug our devices into any wall outlet, and the frequency begins to fill the home immediately. Each repellent device covers an area of 1,200 square feet for a total of 2,400 square feet. One to two devices for each floor in a home is enough to provide effective coverage.

Eco and Pet-Friendly

Pesticides provide a detrimental effect to the environment both in and out of your home They can also be a risk to your pets. Green Guard eliminates these issue by avoiding chemicals altogether. If you’re worried about your pets being affected by the sound waves, don’t be -- just like you, they can’t hear them either.





Combat and Prevent Pest Problems With a Safe, Guaranteed Solution

Pest control doesn’t have to mean filling your house with poisonous sprays, baits, or even gases. With Green Guard, you get a chemical-free and simple solution to your pest issues that will also save you a lot of money.

Each order of Green Guard includes two devices that provide 2,400 square feet of coverage. We’ve personally tested our devices in over 50 different homes, allowing us to see the effectiveness they provide first-hand. You can order with confidence knowing that our pest repellers are not only proven, but come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well.

Take control of the pest problems in your home today! Order now to get your very own Green Guard system in the mail and on its way to your home in just a few days, and experience the difference that safe, chemical-free pest control can make in your home.