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We’re offering you an economical, chemical free, safe, reliable, and effective way to rid yourself of annoying pests within just a few weeks!

At GreenGuard we have dedicated ourselves to providing you with top of the line technology at an affordable and budget friendly cost. Don’t just take our word for it, here are what some of our clients have to say about us from Amazon reviews!

Customer Reviews

“I bought this because my daughter and family was getting bit by mosquitos every day straight for a few days. It took about 2 days, but haven’t seen or gotten bitten by mosquito since then. This product really worked. Thank you thank you thank you.”

“A few sightings of small field mice in our garage caused us to look for a way of ridding them from our house. We received the pest control shortly after it was ordered. We’ve had it for a few weeks now and there have been no signs of the little varmints since – no telltale poops, nothing. This product doesn’t kill the pests, but it does cause them enough discomfort that they don’t want to come in. My house cat does not seem to have any effect from the product after putting two more of these pest controls in the living areas of the house.”

“I have to say I had few expectations but I plugged them in at the cottage, one in the main house and one in the adjacent bunkhouse. To my amazement the next day there was no activity of any kind I could hear or see! I had a horrendous rodent problem along with spiders and carpenter ants. You could actually hear them crunching away! It’s now absolutely silent, not one spider or chipmunk or bug anywhere ! These are absolutely fabulous ! I plan on getting more. Thank you thank you thank you! If I could give you six stars I would”

Our core values incorporate a deep sense of passion for customer service, quality, and cost we aim to be the consumers number one choice to providing pest-control solutions and as a start-up are proud of the results and loyalty we have achieved with thousands of our clients so far since our launch in February 2016!

GreenGuard’s Customers

GreenGuards Customers include various residential and commercial accounts. Our products are being sold to people looking for ways to manage pests without “breaking the bank” and resorting to harmful chemicals and traditional methods which often prove inefficient and temporary in their results.

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If you are dealing with spiders, ants, roaches, mice, or mosquitoes in your home – say goodbye to all of them with GreenGuard products in hand. Proven effective against all kinds of pests, our products will make your home nice and pest free! Shop today.

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