Is Bug Spray a Safe Solution for Controlling Carpenter Ant Infestation?

It’s story time and you’re just snuggling down with the kids on the couch in the family room to share a bowl of freshly popped popcorn and a favorite book when a black carpenter ant crawls out of the bowl, scurries across the coffee table and down one of the table legs to land on your just-vacuumed rug. Amidst squeals from the kids, you jump up to catch it with a napkin when, to your horror, you discover a troop of them crawling along the edge of the family room wall.

Where did they come from? It seems they came out of nowhere. But, more than likely, they tunneled their way through the baseboard of your family room, possibly looking for a moist place to nest. One thing’s for sure. They don’t belong in the house. An infestation of carpenter ants can create a lot of wood damage in a house.

Your first reaction could be to kill them with bug spray. But that may not be a safe pest solution for your family.

Bug spray can hurt the health of you and your loved ones. Products that contain DEET (N.N-Diethl-meta-toluamide) are particularly harmful, especially to very young children.

Think about it. You spray-target to kill the ants, but you’re also releasing harmful toxins into the atmosphere of your home. Small amounts in the air may not cause too much immediate harm, but if used too often, both you and your children could experience serious side effects, such as skin irritations, breathing or intestinal problems. Too much exposure can damage the nervous system and cause death.

Bug spray won’t stop ants from coming back and could cause more harm to health and home. Are the ants worth the risk?

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