Cockroaches Can Affect Health in Unpleasant Ways

Can you imagine what it must be like to struggle for breath? People with asthma know that feeling all too well.

Asthma is an inflammation of the lungs where the air passages become swollen, making it difficult to breathe. Grasping for air while experiencing a tightening of the chest, wheezing and breathlessness is a serious chronic health condition that can be controlled, but not cured.

Allergens in the air can trigger an asthmatic attack. And, believe it or not, those allergens can come from, of all things, cockroaches.

Now that’s pretty creepy, but, according to the American Lung Association, “allergens produced by cockroaches are likely concentrated in their fecal matter and in fragments of their body parts” contaminating the air in your home. These miniscule particles in the air may not affect you, but what if you had a loved one with asthma, or a friend visiting your home who suffers from asthma?

Cockroach “dust” is not a very pleasant thing to think about, for sure. But, even if you or people in your family do not suffer from allergies or asthma, why not take steps to rid your home of such unpleasant creatures. And, if there are young healthy children in your home, they could be at risk. In fact,  “researchers are exploring evidence that early exposure to cockroach allergen can actually cause asthma to develop in preschool aged children.”

Safe, environmentally friendly, chemical-free pest management is key to a healthy home.


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