Don’t Let Mice Ruin Your Holiday

You’re ready to decorate your home for the holidays. You gather cartons marked “Christmas” that have been safely stored all year in the attic, garage, basement or storage shed. Each box holds family treasures carefully wrapped in newspaper or tissue paper and packed for protection in sturdy cardboard boxes. These are the priceless decorations you’ve collected over the years, some of which have been passed down from generations past.

You open a carton and – surprise! Tucked in among the boxes of ornaments you find birdseed, confetti-like shreds of newspaper, cotton batting from who knows where, but some of it looks like the stuffing from the patio pillows you stored away for the summer, and hard black pellets scattered everywhere. It’s not a pretty site.

The culprits? Mice. All year long they’ve been industriously storing food for the winter, and making your carefully stored holiday decorations of vintage glass balls, garlands and priceless paper ornaments the kids made years ago into their nesting materials.

You thought you had done a good packing job. But here’s the thing. Mice are industrious creatures. They can gnaw through anything. They squeeze through tiny openings and they can create quite a mess. Mice are pests. And they definitely shouldn’t be nesting among your holiday treasures.

There are things you can do that may – or may not – work. Mothballs might help. But mothballs contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to house pets or children. Some say the smell from dryer sheets work, but not for long.

There is a natural way to keep mice away. If you have an electrical outlet in your storage area just plug in a Green Guard ultrasonic pest repeller. Do it before you wrap up this year’s holiday decorations. It works like Christmas magic.

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