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Are Fumigation Services the Solution to Your Pest Problems

Pests are a problem for nearly every home at some point. Spiders, mice, roaches, and ants are just a few examples of the loathsome creatures that would much rather be inside wreaking havoc in your home instead of being outside.

Sometimes pest problems and infestations can reach a critical point to where something drastic has to be done to get the home back to normal. One of your options when things get out of hand is to schedule fumigation services for your home.

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Moderate pest issues are often spot treated with products such as baits and traps, as well as pesticide sprays around the baseboards and entrances of a home. While these are all somewhat effective against low-to-moderate pest threats, they are no match when a full-fledged infestation has taken root.

When a home is beyond the point of eradicating the pest problem using smaller approaches, many are tempted to schedule a fumigation service to get rid of the problem.

What is Fumigation

Fumigation refers to the process of filling a home with poisonous gas and vapors whose purpose is to penetrate every surface in your home, working to kill every pest that is hiding or embedded anywhere.

Pest Constrol Service Doing House Fumigation

This process is a popular choice for those who feel like they’ve done all they can do on their when trying to rid a home of pests. Spot treatments and other methods can become inferior when pest occupation turns into a full-blown infestation. For many, fumigation is the only way out.

How the Process Works

Fumigation is an extensive process. Most of the work involved revolves around the prep work that needs to before done to your home first before the home is treated.

House Tenting for Fumigation

The first step is what’s known as “tenting” the home. The home or area to be treated is enclosed by a tarp, and then all ventilation holes and slats in that part of the home are taped shut to ensure that the fumigation chemicals remain trapped inside during the actual fumigating.

Once all occupants of the home have left, the fumigating begins. Poisonous vapors are pumped into the home, allowing the vapor to seep into every nook and cranny in the home, including carpets, drapes, wood, etc. The process goes on for 24-48 hours, allowing the chemicals to steep and fully settle in all throughout the home.

After the fumigating has ended, another 24 hour period passes to let the home fully air out the noxious fog. The pest control company will then inspect the formerly infested areas to see if the fumigating had the desired effect on the pests. If not, the process may need to be done again later.

Downfalls of Fumigating

Fumigating can be effective, but it’s almost seen as a sort of last resort due to how intense the process is. You are literally filling your home with chemicals intended to kill everything inside. That’s a very drastic action to take.

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The entire process can sometimes take 3-4 days, meaning that you’ll have to find accommodations for your household until it’s safe to return home. This almost always means spending a significant amount of money on a hotel during the fumigating.

Fumigation is already quite expensive, so adding a hotel bill on top of the pest control bill makes for one costly treatment for your home.

Unfortunately, fumigation services don’t guarantee that every pests is gotten rid of. Many can still survive the process, meaning you could be doing it all over again in the future. In summary, fumigation is expensive, inconvenient, and not fully effective.

A Better Alternative to Fumigation

Fumigating is something that is done when all other options are marked off the list. While pest prevention is the best solution to avoid even getting to the point where you need to fumigate, large-scale infestations leave you with no choice but to take some sort of action.

Two GreenGuard Pest Repellents

What if we told you that there is an pest control alternative that can not only remove pests from your home, but also prevent new ones from coming in — and all without using a single harmful chemical?

GreenGuard Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

Our product is the new era of pest control. GreenGuard Ultrasonic Pest Repellers can effectively treat and prevent a wide range of pests from taking up residence in your home safely, silently, and without poisons, gases, and traps.

Our devices work to repel any present mosquitos, mice, spiders, crickets, termites, and numerous other pests by using what’s known as high-density ultrasonic frequency waves. These sound waves are in a frequency that humans can’t hear, but are entirely disruptive for pests.

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This prevents the infestation from even forming, as pests are repulsed by the “silent” sound waves, and will move away from your home to get away from them. Any pests that are currently in your home will immediately begin to find their way outside.

To use GreenGuard, simply plug the device into any wall outlet, and the frequency begins to fill the home immediately. Each repeller covers an area of 1,200 square feet for a total of 2,400 square feet, meaning that you only need one or two for each floor of your home.

Pet, Child, and Eco-Friendly

With GreenGuard, you don’t have to worry about poisonous traps and spot treatments being a risk to your children and pets, or affecting the environment. They are completely safe to be around, even for animals. Your dogs and cats cannot pick up on the frequencies either, so everyone in your household can enjoy silent, effective pest control.

Safer, More Effective Pest Control, Guaranteed

Rid your house of bothersome pests while also preventing new ones from coming in with a highly affordable and constantly-working pest control system! Each order of GreenGuard includes two devices, which is enough to cover most standard-sized homes.

Family at Home Leaning on a Sofa

We have tested out GreenGuard in over 50 different homes, allowing us to see the product work on several different pests in a variety of situations and locations.

GreenGuard will be an instant benefit to any household. In fact, we are fully confident that it will, which is why we offer a full 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the results of your devices, simply let us know and we will take care of it.

Order your system today, and take back your home from pests safely, more effectively and much more affordably.

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