Insecticides in the Home Can Hurt Your Pets

Our homes should be safe environments for our children, but what about our pets? If you use pesticides in the home to get rid of unwanted bugs you may not have thought about what insect spray in the air can do to your dog or cat.

Pesticides hurt pets. According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers (ASPCA) thousands of pets are poisoned every year because their owners were careless about how they used poisonous products in the home. In fact, 90% are accidental. It’s heartbreaking to lose a pet under any circumstance, but to lose a pet because of bug spray would be a very sad story to tell the kids.

So what should you do to make sure your pets are safe if you choose to use an insecticide in your home?

A no-brainer is to make sure your pets are not in the home when you spray. Even putting them in a separate room from where you plan to spray may not be enough to keep them safe. You also don’t want toxic insecticide mist to land on pet food, pet toys, bedding, or drinking water, so all that stuff should be removed. And if you want to minimize toxins in the air, you might want to shut off your furnace or air conditioner – anything that could circulate the air within your home.

Even the most careful use of insecticide within the home can cause a reaction in your pet. For example, your pet may develop respiratory problems, muscle weakness, liver or kidney damage, or other side effects that could cause chronic health conditions.

Why risk harming the health of your innocent pet in the first place? There are safer ways to get rid of bugs without insecticides.


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