A Lucky Way to Stop Chirping Crickets from Entering Your Home

You’re all settled in for the night and ready for bed. The house is quiet and you’re just drifting off to sleep, when you hear it. A high-pitched chirping sound that echoes shrill and constant, coming from somewhere in the kitchen.  And it won’t stop. It’s a cricket – hard to find and hard to catch, but so incessantly loud. Then you hear another answer back, and another. And now you can’t sleep.

It’s rare when crickets get inside a home. But when they do, their incessant chirping that so delights us when we’re outside on a warm summer night, is just so aggravatingly annoying all we want to do is catch and crush them.

But, never kill a cricket! Everybody knows that. If you do, you’ll bring on bad luck – or so it is believed in Asian, Native American and Western cultures where crickets symbolize cheer and harmony – and good luck.

Even if you’re not superstitious, why kill the hapless cricket that hopped into your home in the first place? After all, it’s not trying to annoy you. It’s just doing its thing. No harm, really, unless more crickets show up and decide to hang out. Crickets chew. Just about anything.

So why not do what you can to keep them safely outside where they belong?

Easy prevention is to seal up cracks or gaps around doors or windows and rake away mulch and other outside debris from around the foundation of your home.

Another solution is to plug in Green Guard, an eco-friendly ultrasonic technology system we can’t hear, but crickets do. How ironic is that?

Be kind to crickets. Or beware. Kill them and you could bring bad luck to your doorstep.  That is, if you believe.





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